Slow Food & Other Delights

Simple. Honest. Down-to-Earth.

The Slow Food Restaurant

A cosy place to take a seat and stay for a while. A Slow Food kitchen that combines nature with the native using the finest craftsmanship. Exceptional service is also included, which underlines the indulgent experience in every way possible. We unite all of this under one roof at the listed Gasthof Prunner, so that you can follow your gut feeling.


Opening Times

We are open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm for you.

Our Kitchen Opening Hours
11.30am– 2pm and 5.30–8.30pm

Our Closing Day:
Every Tuesday

Table reservation:

To make sure you get a place with us, please make a short reservation in advance.


Currently no vacation is planned

Culinary delights at Home

Slow Food to go

We are delighted to be able to treat you to delicacies and specialities from the tavern kitchen daily, and to offer you our take-away service again.  We’re happy to take your order on the phone at +43 4732 2187 or by email until 7pm the evening before.

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Every reason to celebrate?

Celebrate with us at the Gasthof

Cosy spaces for up to 50 people. Slow Food for an enjoyable time together. A well thought-out concept that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Let’s plan your celebration together and create a successful celebration for a good reason.

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Three really good reasons

to visit the Slow Food Restaurant
at the Gasthof Prunner in Gmünd

Reason One


It’s the love for the simple things – the natural and the native, which makes our kitchen so special.

Regional and seasonal products combine with exquisite ingredients from our own garden. Using the finest craftsmanship and according to old, simple recipes that have been reinterpreted. Max and Aunt Lisi complement each other in a unique way and create real culinary delights together using great attention to detail.

This is Slow Food for body and soul. A true pleasure for all the senses.

Reason Two

The Feel-good Factor

The dark parquet floor, the claret chairs and the large photos of the artists’ town lend our guest rooms next to the entrance a certain charm.

You’ll find real tavern character with a history in the extra room next door. The many alcoves, the beautiful murals and the arches that are steeped in history, make this room one-of-a-kind.

And then there is our stylish arcade courtyard – a real gem – somewhat hidden behind reception.

Reason Three


Today as in the past, exceptional service was a part of the good tavern sound.

We’re glad to give you a free smile and a sympathetic ear. Let us know your wishes and feel free to ask questions, if you would like to know more about our products.

Browse through the colourful variety of the Slow Food menu and make sure to also try our home-made elderflower syrup in the summer or hot elderberry in the winter – here we don’t limit nature to a vase.

Regional & Seasonal Highlights

Our Specialities
throughout the year

Living within the year cycle

Why Slow Food is good for us all

In an era where there’s never enough time, it’s worth taking a breath and looking consciously into nature. How does it change, how does it treat us and what can we learn from it?

After having always followed our own values for generations, it was necessary for us to highlight these values in a statement. We have been a certified Slow Food Carinthia establishment since 2020 and therefore consciously pay attention to a responsible, sustainable and healthy interaction between Mother Nature and ourselves.

We live and love what we do, and you can feel this throughout the hotel. The Slow Food idea unfolds not only in our restaurant, but it runs throughout the entire Gasthof all the way to our small farm next door to Prunner Apartment House.

As a certified GenussWirt and Slow Food Carinthia establishment, we have also been awarded with the AMA Gastro Seal of Quality, we cook using the food from our local direct marketer Peter Prunner, and treat you with products from the brand  “Genussland Kärnten“. We harvest from our own garden and are very conscious of our ecological footprint.

In this way we take our values further – through the town gate of Gmünd, across Carinthia’s borders and into the world.

Take a Seat & Enjoy Slow Food

We can't wait to spoil you