Your Host Family

The good souls in the hotel

Your Prunner Family

For those who don’t already know us – we’re the Prunner family. Together, we try to fill our beautiful Gasthof with a joie de vivre every day.

How do we do that? It’s the feeling, when our guests wake up happy in the morning and are entirely satisfied at the breakfast table. This stays with us throughout the day, it motivates us and helps us to overcome every challenge.

The History of our Family Establishment

Our Hotel is intrinsically linked to the history of the town Gmünd.

Built in the 16th Century right next to the “lower town gate”, this building has formed the end of the main square since the Late Middle Ages. Apart from the restaurant on the corner of the hotel, every room on the ground and basement floors has a barrel vault, dating from the 16th/17th Century. The remarkable façade on the sloping front of the exterior, as well as the matching stucco and the groined vault in the arcades on the 1st floor come from the first half of the 18th Century. During this period, the building was also expanded a level to match its present appearance. The roof truss was completely renovated after the last town fire in 1792.

Since 1802, the hotel has been owned by the brewery family, the Prunners and was one of the three large breweries in Gmünd. The St. Florian on the corner of the hotel has been left in memory of this – he is the Patron Saint of brewers. The sale of beer was carried out by heavy horse and carriages, all the way to the most remote inns in the side rifts of the Lieser Valley. After the 1st World War, hospitality and agriculture continued.

In 1970, the renovation of the hotel began, bringing the establishment up-to-date. From 1989, the attic was converted into comfortable apartments and rooms. The roof of the courtyard and uncovering of the arcades on the 1st floor was carried out in 2006.

Today, the historical Gasthof is run as a family establishment. Using various forms of agriculture, it’s possible for us to spoil our guests with the best products from the region.

The Thoughtful One


The first smile in the day will come from Marie-Luise. If she’s not already hurrying between the Gasthof and the Apartment House to check that everything is in order, she’s answering your questions and emails, or looking after the loving design of the rooms. She’s the one to your order and serve the finest culinary delights at the table in our restaurant.

A passionate hunter, she is also devoted to game and the forest. She also knows a lot about herbs, And if you ask about it, she’s always happy to provide you with personal tips for great experiences and tell you the path to your next favourite place.

The Devoted One


While everyone else is still sleeping, Max has been awake for a long time. He’s probably preparing your breakfast surprise. He is the F of F&B and with total passion. His secret ingredient is dedication – in the food, in its processing and preparation. Inspired by those who surround him, together with Aunt Lisi, he creates the finest delicacies for your palate.

When Max isn’t in the Gasthof, he pays full attention to the animals on the small farm and the vegetables in the respective garden. Here he finds the perfect balance and valuable information – for the kitchen, the rooms and himself.

The Nature Lover

The Boss Kurt

The attentive man on the phone – that’s the boss Kurt Always polite. Considerate and ensuring your well-being. If you arrive in the afternoon, you’ll receive your room key from him. In the morning, you can mainly find him in the garden. Here, he picks flowers for the day, the herbs, salad and vegetables that Max and Aunt Lisi then cook.

He is in fact the B of F&B and also a very valuable support during service hours. After all these years, the enthusiasm for his actions is not one bit less – in fact, it’s quite the contrary.

The Creative One

Aunt Lisi

Have you ever seen Aunt Lisi crimping dumplings? It’s always a pleasure to watch her doing this. But it’s not only crimping that is her greatest pleasure – pastries also count as one of her specialities. Always at hand – her old, handwritten cookbook. Even today it’s this love for the simple things – the natural and native –, that she lives in the kitchen together with Max.

In the garden, she also recreates the natural order and lets her old knowledge flow into every movement. When winter arrives, she takes great pleasure in looking after the Christmas decorations throughout the entire hotel.

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